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"24 Carat Success - Golden Rules for a Successful and Fulfilled Life in the Digital Age"

  • Our hardware - And how we can deal with it

  • Our programming errors - What to do about them

  • Our software - How to influence myself and others

  • Tailor-made combinations according to need

Developing and strengthening a digital mindset

Train the brain

Humorous insights into German society
The future of management training
Authentic Leadership

Innovation and Neurosciences
Insights through stories: What managers can learn from Napoleon, Benvenuto Cellini and others



One to two days on psychology of influencing: from manipulation to influencing, the power of choice architecture, rules of influencing, human reaction patterns that can be used, the value of core human concerns. Role plays and work on own cases.

Two - three days on negotiations: From distributive to integrative negotiations, from positions to interest, team negotiations, personal negotiation style and how to build on strengths. Use of numerous case studies and exercises for negotiation practice

One - two days on decision making: Basis for rational decision making, optimizing group decision making, avoiding irrational biases, influencing others. Use of many different exercises

Sessions on what every manager should know about the brain – often included in the above programs to show up limitations of our rationality and how to deal with them.

Sessions of different lengths on mindfulness. Franziska is training as a mindfulness trainer with the Oasis Institute (Jon Kabat-Zinn) and uses the learnings in different formats to help managers to learn to focus on the situation at hand while furthering their core beliefs.



4-week program on Corporate Governance: Corporate Governance in the narrow sense, Corporate Finance, Managerial Accounting, Reputation and Crisis Management, Strategy, Leadership and Motivation, Decision Making, Business Simulation, Company Visits, Discussion with experts

5 one week modules on Strategy and Implementation, Leadership and Teams, Finance and Decision Making, Project Management, Company Visits and Project Presentation

4 modules of four days each: Innovation (Berlin), Processes (Zürich), Leadership (Bavarian countryside), Seeing it done (Silicon Valley)

A regular cycle of three days for top managers (ran 9-10 times per topic) on Strategy and Risk Management, Driving Change, High Performance Culture